Diapers and Dumbbells – Steph's Journey

On March 31st, I will be running an 8 week “Diapers & Dumbbells” class at CrossFit for Glory. Classes will be 45 min – 1hr, and friendly to new moms – no matter where you are in your postpartum journey.    But before we talk more about that class, I wanted to share a little […]

Blog Recap 7/1-7/6…

Happy Sunday Folks! If this is the only thing you read from me all week, I promise it’ll be worth it. In short, I figured it’d make the most sense to email a weekly recap of our blogs, and then depending on the cleverness of my titles, you can choose which blog appeals to you […]

My Goals For This Week…

We are big proponents in setting goals at CFG, both long and short term. If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve probably heard of us encouraging you to do goal reviews or goal setting sessions. Want to know the reason why? Because they work. The outside accountability is a great way to continue making progress towards […]

How I Get My Reading In…

Over the past couple of days, I’ve went over ‘why I read so much’ and then my reading list from last year and so far this year.    Naturally, the next part people want to know about is: “How do you manage to read so much?”   Simple, really – I just do it.    […]

Why I Read So Much…

Growing up, I can remember my mom reading to me almost daily. When I went through the International Baccalaureate program in high school, as my fellow IB nerds will attest, I read more in those 4 years than the previous 14 combined. And I hated nearly every second of it. There were a few good […]

This is Why Nutrition Matters So Much!

Exercise OR Nutrition? This may come as a shock to many, but there are countless times where I’ve sat with someone in my office and told them to save their money and not train with us.   That’s step 1…simple and easy.   The next step is equally simple, just not very easy – its […]

At 67 Years Old, Brenda has More Energy and Muscles Are Returning!

Today we bring you an incredibly special story about Brenda…the amazing 67 year old mom of long-time member Angela Lyons. She instantly became a favorite staple member of our 9am class and never misses working out when she’s in town. I am beyond proud of how far she has come and how open she is […]