Melissa Wright – I am so proud that our CFG life has led to us eating better, which makes us feel better, sleep better, and BONUS: look better!

My name is Melissa Wright and I have been coming to CrossFit for Glory for almost three years. It was literally right when the 2016 Open started and my husband Adam and I had NO IDEA what we were doing.

What brought me to CFG?

Funny story…my amazing husband, Adam, had a little incident where he pulled his back while eating ice cream on our couch. Death by butter pecan!  We have to do something he said…and then we met Josh.
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My first impression of CFG was WHOA! How am I going to do all of these moves?

I have always lived an active lifestyle, but cardio and dumbbells were about the extent of my workout knowledge. I had certainly never jumped on a box, assaulted my body with handstand pushups, picked up a barbell,  or even climbed a rope.  Needless to say this was a whole new ballgame! However, Josh and the coaching staff have a way of scaling, explaining, and ever-so-slightly pushing you to try new things and master movements you never thought capable. I spent A LOT of time YouTubing before class…what is a snatch? Who is this Fran person everyone hates? I earned confidence with each passing day and now I plan my work schedule around class time. How could I miss a day at the box?

What am I most proud of??

I love that Adam and I have found something we both can do together. CrossFit has been the topic of many conversations at our house and we are always supporting and motivating one another. I am also so proud that our CFG life has led to us eating better, which makes us feel better, sleep better, and BONUS: look better! I love that I have achieved several PRs, realized I LOVE BACKSQUATS, I can do those handstand pushups now, and I even learned how to climb that rope. (Suck it, Bellwood Elementary! I deserve a monkey on the wall!)
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What’s next for me at CFG?  

The list is always expanding… but mastering big sets of kipping pull ups,  toes to bar, and handstand push ups are HUGE on my list. I want to be able to increase my sets of unbroken double unders while under duress…. and I am hoping to eventually get at least one muscle up before I die…LOL!

My favorite CFG memory is from 2017.

I was chosen to be a CrossFit Open Intramural Team Captain and I have to say it was a total blast. It felt a bit full circle since we started CrossFit exactly one year before and I had NO CLUE what I was doing. It was so fun because I got to help motivate my team to BRING IT each week during the Open workouts. It was fun organizing all of our crazy outfits and playing BINGO. The best part continues to  be the absolutely fantastic friends we have made.
CFG is just this awesome community and I am so proud to be part of it.
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