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Fed up with having no motivation and no plan for what to do, Angela gained confidence and is EXCITED about her fitness journey now!

Before finding CrossFit For Glory, it was hard to be motivated to workout. 
I would go run or to the gym but not consistently.  I was out of shape and I did eat very well.  While I was in graduate school, and my husband was deployed, I would make dinner for the kids, but because I had to study after the kids went to bed I would eat snacks for dinner (potato chips, peanuts, whatever I could grab to eat and stay awake.)
I was frustrated with not really having a plan when I would go to the gym. 
So I would run, but my runs started shrinking from 6 miles to 3 miles to 1500 meters..and the struggle was real.  Also not eating the best was showing in my workouts. Eating chips and soda showed in my inconsistent workouts.
In my day to day life, my confidence was low with my fitness.  I felt like I had no energy. 
Motivation to workout in the gym or interest in running 1500 meters or at all was no longer fun.  I tried a personal coach in the gym, and I felt like the workouts were not for me.
My brother tried to introduce me CrossFit a few years ago after having my daughter.  He has been a member of a CrossFit gym at every new assignment.  I thought CrossFit was too difficult for me and I will stick with running.  So when a friend asked me to go with her and I said yes, I had my mind set that I was going for moral support for her.  But, during the class, I got to run, lift weights and it was fun!
I was hooked, I remember asking Coach Josh when and where do I sign up for classes.
I became excited to go to class…
…and for me be excited for a 5:30 am class was HUGE! I was ready for the challenge and I enjoyed the challenge of each WOD. Coach Heather would coach me through and help me scale the workouts.  And I wanted to get better at pull-ups, I wanted to learn the techniques of weightlifting.  Being in a class with other people that were supportive of each other pushed me to go further and push harder through the workouts. I had the energy to do more with my kids.
Also at CFG I became educated on nutrition and having a better understanding of foods nutritional values which helped me feel better before and after workouts. I saw so many more improvements in a few weeks with my strength and endurance.  I had more confidence and challenged myself in new workouts and gymnastics movements as well as having no fear of lifting heavier.
Now, life is different. I have learned and done so many different things in my fitness journey that I never knew existed and would dream of attempting to do.
Such as toes to bar, rowing 1000 meters, pull ups and even handstand push ups.  After my first CrossFit Open, it showed that there is so much more I can learn from CrossFit.  I decided to attend more class, learn more and take on new goals. I have been able to see and explore other avenues in fitness.  I found that I enjoyed participating in competitions.  I never would of imagined myself competing in both Weightlifting and CrossFit. CrossFit has helped to continue to improve my strength and overall health. I went from a person that was inconsistent with workouts, to person that has steps to continue achieving fitness goals   I am excited to continue my fitness journey with CrossFit and CFG!

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