This is Why Nutrition Matters So Much!

Exercise OR Nutrition?
This may come as a shock to many, but there are countless times where I’ve sat with someone in my office and told them to save their money and not train with us.


That’s step 1…simple and easy.


The next step is equally simple, just not very easy – its putting your money where your mouth is. Or rather – invest in bettering your nutrition.


Why? More often than not, the results that people are looking for when they sit down with one of our staff for their initial consultation can be best achieved by improvements in their diet.


Can people make headway through exercise alone? Absolutely, without a doubt. We’ve got 7 years of success stories at CrossFit For Glory to back this up.


But if you’ve been stuck in a rut, maybe you can’t lose that last 5 pounds, or something just isn’t working – it may be time to face the facts: exercise alone is simply not enough.


Don’t believe me? Check out this story about Bart –


He’s been with us for just over two years. He’s a regular…a staple at the gym. He comes no less than 5 times per week. He has made tremendous progress in the time he’s been with us:

IMG 3082
Left: October 2016, Right: July 2018


Then, almost 90 days ago, he decided to focus more on his nutrition. Now look at him:

IMG 3086
November 2018


Exercise is wonderful. Some benefits are: improved cardiac function, muscle building and strengthening, a regained sense of normal in activities in daily life, an increase in energy levels and bone intensity, and better sleep.


But nutrition just takes it to another level. Not only will it support and often enhance all the benefits above, you also get more goodies like better body composition, improved blood markers, a boost in immunity, and protection against chronic disease to name a few.


IMG 3079 e1543241598994
Nearly 20lb lost, but more importantly for health – over 9% body fat is GONE!

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