Why Do I CrossFit?

Why do I CrossFit?  
Because I want to be able to play with my grandchildren.
Because it doesn’t matter how bad of a day you were having when you walked in, a PR makes it a great day.
Because I can’t hide from my weaknesses.
Because I eat better.
Because it makes dessert taste so much better when its a treat and not every day. And because I don’t worry about eating dessert once in a while.
Because aches and pains from training are way cooler than aches and pains from age.
Because sometimes I forget my age.
Stress relief.
Because you can’t think of anything else during a 20 RM squat or Fran, no matter how pressing it was 30 minutes ago.
Because no other workouts involve cheering for my friends or getting encouraged by them.
Because I look better naked.
Because no matter how good I am, I can only get better.
Because getting “back on the bar” carries over to everything else.
Because I can break progress into small, achievable goals and work to meet them.
Sweat angels.
But mainly, because I choose, want, and like to be around positive people.
What about you, why do you CrossFit?
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A. Skill:
15min to 3RM Front Squat
High Hamstring
For Time –
Run 800m
40 Pull-Ups
30 Ring Dips

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