Where's the Chalk?

Few changes that we’ve made at the gym have garnered more attention than the recent removal of chalk. I’d go so far as to say that the only change that garnered more attention was our move to the brand new facility last year.
Not only did the move net us a lot more space, a prime location, and more new toys – it also netted us a much nicer, brand new facility.
For those that came from the old box, you probably have fond memories of the “good old days.” Big, open garage door, no air conditioning (or heat) and plenty of chickens to chase around.
You probably also remember all the dirt, dust, sand, and gravel that we could never quite get rid of all the way. No matter how much we actually did clean that place! And you know what? That was part of it’s allure.
It was also a part that frustrated a lot of people, none more so though than yours truly.
One of my goals in moving to the new space was that I wanted our facility’s level of professionalism to match the level of professionalism of the service that we offer – namely a tight-knit, supportive community guided by world class coaching.
When we moved into our new space, we made quick work of setting an example of cleanliness from day one. We made a blog post of our new box rules (carried over from the old space actually) and even put up a poster right by where everyone walks in, hangs their keys, and stores their (stinky) shoes.
For the most part, you guys do an awesome job of keeping your space tidy – save for your inexplicable inability to not let the boxes  drive dents and divots into our freshly painted walls. But I digress…
As most of you have no doubt heard by now, I walked in on Christmas Eve to find the gym in a fairly distressed state. The thing that frustrated me the most was, as you can probably guess, the chalk that was literally all over the place. And it wasn’t the dust that is usually left behind, these were chunks of it. And it wasn’t just by the rig (in chunks), it was by the walls (in chunks), under the benches not being used (in chunks), and my most favorite place – in between the row of boxes (in chunks and ground into the mats). Chalk for box jumps, really?
There has been plenty of whispers that it was some of the visitors we had. And that it’s not fair to “punish” everyone for what one class did.
But many of you migrate between all our classes, so the option that many of you have suggested (punishing just that one class) wouldn’t work.
And like I pointed out above – you all are a tight-knit and supportive community. Essentially, we’re a team. When someone goes out and does good while wearing CFG proudly, we all benefit from it. The inverse is also true.
But what if it really was only the visitors? Does that make it ok? Should the athletes in that class have stepped in and said to them “Hey, that’s not how we treat out gym. We take pride in how nice we have it.”?
For probably all of you guys, CFG represents a proverbial home away from home.
For me, it literally is my home away from home. And I take great pride in it.
You all, as athletes, expect and deserve the level of excellence that you have grown accustomed to. We, as coaches, deserve the same in return from all of you. Respect of each other, yourselves, and the gym is a big part of that.
And it wasn’t a “punishment”, more of a restriction! And it’ll be lifted…soon!
Lastly, don’t most of you wear gloves anyhow??

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