Lean Body Mass Experiment

Ok gang, you’ve all been asking about it long enough.  You’ve been hearing about it long enough.

It’s time to release some details.


That’s right, its time for a Challenge!


Well, sort of.


In past times, we’ve referred to these as ‘Nutrition’ or ‘Paleo’ Challenges.


Not this time around.


This time around, it’s going to be termed the “Lean Body Mass Experiment.”


Heres are just a few reasons why:


  • Most guys wouldn’t participate if I termed it a “weight loss” challenge (girls would!)
  • Most girls wouldn’t participate if I termed it a “Bulk Up” challenge (guys would!)
  • Lean Body Mass captures both, and allows YOU to decide if you want your focus to be on adding some muscle, losing some fat, or a little bit of both!
  • I call it an experiment because something like this has never been done before, to my knowledge
This experiment is different from our past challenges for a lot of reasons, but most importantly I firmly believe that it will yield the best results we’ve ever seen from one of these.
That also means that it will most likely be the hardest. And for that reason, we have some strict rules that you must agree to abide by before you’ll be allowed to participate. They are ALL required.
1. Get Tanked! We are bringing in the ‘gold standard’ of testing methods when it comes to measuring your body fat – hydrostatic weighing. Aptly named “The Body Fat Test”, this mobile testing facility will be at the gym on Friday January 16th and Friday February 20th. Cost will be $85 per person and will be paid directly to them.
2. Get a food scale! I picked up mine at Wal-Mart for $18. Get one that has a digital readout if possible.
3. Download MyFitnessPal! This is a food tracking app that you will use on a daily basis.
4. Meet with me to determine YOUR Goals! This experiment is all based upon what you desire for you. This is completely individual.
5. Complete the baseline WOD! We gotta measure performance, right?! Complete between Jan 12-18.
6. Pick a Partner! Yes, this is a PARTNER Experiment. It’s always better to have a partner in crime. This person will be your teammate, the person you bounce ideas off of for nutrition, your meal prep buddy and you two will hold each other accountable. And don’t worry, this won’t affect each individuals score, think of this more as a mentor-mentee relationship. Coaches are open to being picked as partners!
Pick Your Partner!
Pick Your Partner!


  1. Baseline WOD improvement %
  2. Lean Body Mass Change as a % of your individual goal

The Fun Stuff: 

  • NOTHING is off limits, food wise that is!
  • That’s right, I said it – NOTHING!
  • Eat ANY food
  • Drink ANY beverage

Anything that tickles your fancy, so long as you weigh/measure it and record it. No, this is not a trick. It’s not April Fools.

Yes, these are acceptable...
Yes, these are acceptable…

...but so is everything here!
…but so is everything here!

Important Dates:

  • Baseline WOD completed between January 12-18
  • Body Fat Test – January 16th
  • Experiment Dates – January 19th – February 20th

Total Costs:

  • Body Fat Test – $85, paid directly to them. This includes the initial and follow-up tests (I get no part of this, it’s their fee)
  • CFG Winnings Pot – $20. Bring in straight cash, homie!

If this sounds like something you’re down for, then put let one of your coaches know! Sign up via FaceBook, text message, email, or write your name down on the sign-up sheet at the gym! Once you sign up, I’ll send more info about the nitty gritty of weighing and measuring your food and how to understand your macronutrient requirements. I cannot stress enough how thrilled I am to see you guys jump into this – I GUARANTEE the results will be well worth it! meme-9

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