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Using an injury as an excuse to stay away? We can modify ANYTHING! So just get in here…

Double Under School
Hollow Rocks
Tie Down the Cage
Run 2 Laps
12 Push Press (115/75)
20 Walking Lunges
Run 3 Laps
9 Push Press
40 Walking Lunges
Run 4 Laps
6 Push Press
60 Walking Lunges
*Note: Knee MUST kiss the ground on each lunge step!
Thoughts & Tips:
This is a neat little workout that is designed so that you can keep moving throughout the whole thing.
1. After letting your heart-rate come up a bit during the first two laps (which should be run about 90% max effort), the push press should be knocked out in no more than two sets, but preferably one.
2. Walking lunges – just do them. Keep the torso vertical (not overextended) and front foot flat on the ground. If you overextend or have your chest forward, your midline will pay a huge price when you go back to the push press
3. Since the PP reps are going down, this is where you’ll be able to make up good time, so strive to complete them all unbroken!
4. Do NOT lolly-gag on the run. If you are a runner, this is not a 5k (or more) pace! These should be run like 400m intervals…you know, like the ones nobody wants to see again, right?
5. I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to do this one without taking 25 sips of water, 13 wipes with the towel, and three dozen trips to the chalk bucket…

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