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The Week That Was…3/11-3/16

Two Quick Announcements:
1. As of right now, we will be CLOSED this coming Friday, March 22nd. So, if you plan to do 13.3 before Saturday, Thursday will be your only opportunity. If anything changes we will let you know!
2. We will be participating in Relay for Life this Saturday after completing 13.3. Our time slot is from 2-3PM and we will be playing Ultimate Med-Ball. We would love to have as much support as possible from CrossFit For Glory, so feel free to bring out the entire family. They are slated to have a bunch of events going on throughout the day to keep everyone entertained.
Ok, onto why everyone clicked the link tonight, “The Week that Was:”

– We started off the week with BURPEES because everyone said they wished they’d done more reps of 13.1, so that only seemed like the best way to right a wrong
– Sarah R. posted that ” seeing these burpees wants to make me cry.”
– Chuck got his 1st Bar Muscle-Up on Tuesday. And when I didn’t see it, he had to jump up there and do another!
– I unknowingly tricked Tim into doing more pull-ups than he needed to to take the lead early on Tuesday
– His lead didn’t last -> Jim came back in town and ripped off 66 pull-ups!
– Wednesday kicked off PR’s for the rest of the week as Megs snatched 100lb!!!
– Of course, I missed videoing her successful attempt
– Lesson Learned: If you expect to PR, make sure I’m not around with the video camera!
– Erika got her first HSPU!
– Front squat PR’s were had by Karen, Tim, Kelly, Claudia, and Geoff.
– Some by as much as 35lb!
– Tabrez kicked off 13.2 on Thursday afternoon, followed shortly by Eric Crouch and finally Jay closed it out that night
– Jay’s closing thoughts, post-WOD of course, for everyone heading into the weekend: “If your vision isn’t blurry, you can go faster!”
– Friday’s group was greeted with a surprise as they all got to do 13.2 just like the rest of us, with a judge and all!
– Josh Luck, fresh off a Royal Caribbean boat, came in last week one time…just to do 13.2
– Jim posted a very respectable score during the 10am session. A couple hours later, I received an email from him stating that he was unhappy with his performance and wanted to take another crack at it…
– The same day.
– Before 5pm.
– He came. He WOD’ed. He conquered. Well, he conquered an additional two reps that is.
– Hamilton arrived Friday and wondered aloud: “Aw crap, why’d I have to show up today?”
– We’ll get to Sarah R.’s performance shortly…
– Saturday was out of this world with the energy and effort put forth by everyone

– Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, went hard right up until I shouted TIME
– After Heat 1, Kelly held the lead for the ladies. It stood through Heat 2, but got shelved after Heather stormed through EIGHT full rounds in Heat 3, to much screaming and shouting as she completed her final rep as time expired.
– After thinking that she couldn’t even get 75lb over her head 1 time (she had never even cleaned that much!), Erika proceeded to total 124 reps; that’s four full rounds plus another four shoulder to overhead!
– Overall Scores: Top Male – Jay @ 256 reps     Top Female – Heather @ 240 reps
– That’s been the case for two weeks running now…
– In place of the quote of the week, I’m switching gears and instead have decided to highlight the most inspiring performance I have ever witnessed as a coach. On Friday night, there were just four present (including me) to talk about strategy and mobilize for 13.2. And then, Sarah Rowley walked in. I knew she was there cause she had to do the WOD. Not wanting her to go alone, Zack actually went through three full rounds as a test for himself, but then stopped to cheer her on to the finish. Now, if my memory serves me correctly, young Sarah had never even cleaned 75lb before, much less got it overhead. After the warmup, where she was able to clean and split jerk it overhead, we both agreed that she’d utilize this method for every rep of S2OH. Each and every rep was caught in the near bottom position of the SJ, and they all looked like they would be someone’s final rep in a tough WOD. But without fail, Sarah kept plugging along. Before we started, I asked what her goal was – she remarked that she wanted FIVE complete rounds. Well, with seconds to go she was able to finish her fifth round. And as Zack, Mark, Gretchen, and myself urged her to try for one last rep of S2OH, she picked up the bar and heaved it overhead, bringing her feet together just as timed expired: 5+1. A weight that she had never gotten to her shoulders before Friday, she got over her head TWENTY-SIX times that night. At one point, I even saw tears in her eyes. But not tears of fear or frustration, but of determination and joy. Well done Sarah, I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come!

A. Skill:
Overhead Squat – 5×5, heavier than last week
3x30s Front Plank
3 RFT –
50 DU
25 Wall Balls
15 Ring Dips

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