Hours for Thanksgiving Week:

Monday – Normal

Tuesday – Normal for Adults. CrossFit Kids will have just ONE class, from 10:15 – 11am

Wednesday – 5:30 and 9am ONLY

Thursday – CLOSED

Friday – 5 & 7pm ONLY

Saturday – back to normal



I figured that I should shoot a video for today’s WOD, lots to cover. In a nutshell, if you played the game “HORSE” growing up, you’ll be just fine. If you didn’t, your childhood was a waste and you’ll be lost today…I kid, I kid. Well, sort of.

To recap the Rules:


  1. FULL CLEANS – NO Muscle/Power Clean into a front squat. You must clearly continue going down into the squat
  2. If you miss a lift, your team gets a letter.
  3. If you miss a lift, you must stay at that weight, no dropping down (or going up)
  4. You can erase ONE letter by: hitting a PR or if a miss is followed by two makes
  5. You can erase TWO letters by: hitting a PR followed by two makes
  6. No more than 1min between attempts
  7. Once you reach the 100+% mark, you MUST continue to go up, but you choose by how much
  8. Teams will alternate who leads off the next %. It will be Coaches choice if all teammates on one team go before other team lifts, or if you will alternate lifters from each team
  9. Both teams may have ONLY two men’s bars and two women’s bars (a 15lb bar can be swapped for one women’s bar if necessary)
  10. Lifters go in order of lightest to heaviest clean – this is to help with weight adjustments
people working out in a group fitness class


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