Vertical Torso…7/23/14

Nearly everything that we do within the walls of the box as well as the walls outside of the box is made easier and more efficient by keeping a vertical torso. Wall balls, kettle bell swings, squats, cleans, snatches, overhead squats, thrusters, pull-ups, running, rowing, jumping rope, presses…visualize those movements in your head with an ideal position. Chances are you’re not envisioning a figure with a hunched forward posture.
In order to really drive that point home, and also to make you wicked strong, we will be starting a brand new squatting cycle today. If you were with us in October of last year, then you no doubt remember the pain that you went through during this. You will also no doubt remember the amount of functional strength that you developed over that 10-week span. We saw a 25% (!) average increase in front squat 1RM’s across the board. And this was not only from those that I would consider novice weightlifters, but we also saw that across our seasoned lifters as well.
I’m not going to lie, these days are rough. Really rough. But if you can hang in during the first two weeks, the worst ones as your body acclimates to the increased volume and loading,  you will reap some fantastic rewards at the end of this 10 weeks.
Now, because there are those of you that may come on specific days only, I intentionally move things around within the weekly programming to make sure everyone gets enough exposure to everything. Having said that, if you have a choice between making it to a squat day or another day – choose the squat day! If you simply can’t make it in that day but wish to make it up during your next session with us, you’ve got two options – come in early (doors are always open 30min prior to class) and do it before class OR do it in place of whatever other skill/weightlifting thing we’re doing that day. Just be sure to communicate your intention to whichever coach is present.
Without further ado, here is Week 1, Day #1:
A. Weightlifting:
Front/Back Squat – 4 x 7/13 @ 65% (of max FS) – rest 2:00 between sets

Explanation: Complete 7 Front Squats @ 65% of 1RM Front Squat, rack the bar, reset and complete 13 Back Squats @ same weight. Do not rest while switching from Front to Back Squats. Take the rest seriously.

Depth? Check Veritcal Torso? Check Think he stands up with this much weight if he's shifted forward or elbows are down??
Depth? Check
Veritcal Torso? Check
Think he stands up with this much weight if he’s tilted forward or elbows are down??


Barbell Ankle Mob – 3 x 45s


3 RFT –

Run 400m

15 T2B

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