Trust the Program…2/1/15

This past Saturday, Heather , Steph U, and Margaret competed in Orlando at the “War on Wall Street” competition. While I was not able to be there as I normally am, I kept in contact with those that were and as expected they performed very well and with the class that makes our gym community so comforting. They took a 4th place finish in the final WOD and finished in 8th overall…in the RX division!! I’m incredibly proud to have these three wear our CFG shield and represent our box!!

Team Buns and Guns!
Team Buns and Guns!


Every now and then, I have to take a minute and remind people that I take very seriously the job of writing effective programming for each and every one of you. Tonight is the most recent. But it’ll be short, I promise:

Trust the program.

That is all.

Stop adding weight to workouts because you feel like “it’s not heavy enough.” (I see this most often from the guys.)

How about these suggestions:

– Rest less.

– Move better.

Respect the process.

“Team Buns and Guns” above trusts me.

Coach Jay trusts me.

Shouldn’t you?


Couch Stretch – 2 x 60s ea side
(I’ve intentionally listed this first so that you are forced to do it!)
B. Weightlifting:
EMOM f/ 7min – Ascending Ladder of Cleans, starting @ 6 reps @ 50-60% 1RM CJ or 1RM Clean, whichever is heavier
1) Cleans are FULL SQUAT, from the ground
2) Reps will increase @ each minute. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 are the reps
3) DO NOT go above your 60%.
4) Dropping the bar not allowed.
5RFT –
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 Power Cleans (95/65)
*20min time cap
*Power cleans from the ground
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
BB Quad Smash – 2min ea leg

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