The Athlete Series, part 5…and Nutrition Challenge Winners! 8/12/13

This weekend we concluded our ‘Summer Nutrition Challenge’ and crowned the winners:

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“This is what winning looks like in Captiva!”

First Place for the Ladies was Jessica Fuller.
First Place for the Guys was Justin Spadoni.We also handed out three honorable mentions: Ellesse Jirau, Heather Avery, and Michael Grant.

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All Dressed Up!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Now just remember – don’t let all your hard work go to waste; stick with the new lifestyle you’ve created and continue to push the limits of what you think is possible for each of you!
In light of us completing the nutrition challenge and having half of your improvement total based on how much your benchmark improved, it seems fitting to pick up with our ongoing ‘Athlete Series’ with this next one:
When you think about what you can do and not how you look :
Your body isn’t a clothes hanger. It is a tool custom made to move and DO.  When you shift from trying to be happy about how you look to being happy about what you can do, you’re an athlete. Form follows function. Striving for form ahead of function is putting the cart before the horse. It’s counterproductive and leads to earlier frustration. Real, lasting changes take time. Dedicate toward improving what you were designed to do, and you will improve the way you look doing it. Put another way: Chase performance. If your strength numbers are going up and your benchmark times are coming down, I will guarantee that you’ll be pleased with how you look. As I said to many of you on Saturday night, I am very pleased with how well your before and after pictures turned out. But for me, as your coach, it makes me beam with pride in the improved performance that you all achieved. The average increase in performance was over 19%!
A. Skill:
Overhead Squat – 5×3
Anterior Hip
3 RFT –
Run 400m
21 Burpees

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