Spirit of the Games

When you’ve been at CFG long enough, you’ve likely seen me tear up either giving or, listening to, a speech about our athletes and our gym community as a whole. So it should come as no surprise that when I heard Nicole Carroll start talking about this years “Spirit of the Games” award winner, I was moved to tears.
Thankfully I had on my trademark shades so Marc and Crystal didn’t laugh at me…or maybe they did. Here’s an excerpt from her speech. Here’s a link to the video as well (start at 49:11). I highly recommend watching it…just have tissues on hand.
“Each year, the Spirit of the Games award is given to an athlete who inspires this community not just with fitness but with character, an athlete who epitomizes qualities like: integrity, heart, class, and determination.
These are things we value most and hope to ingrain in every CrossFitter no matter how many years pass, no matter how big we get.
In 2016, there’s no athlete athlete more representative of this than Kara Webb.”

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