Holy Moly – 18.1 is done (for most of us that is) and I gotta say – speaking for the entire staff of CrossFit For Glory, we are beyond proud of how well everyone did. It amazes me how much more fun this thing gets year after year and we have nobody to thank except for all of you – each of you make it super special in your own way. And whether you realize it or not, seeing you smile and persevere  through each rep is a bright spot for us on its own! One down, four more to go. Its a “long” season, so keep your head up and enjoy the process. And if you’re thinking of redoing a workout, read this.
Leaderboard for the teams will be up once everyone has submitted their own scores and they’ve been verified. Remember – you MUST submit your score to the games website (games.crossfit,com) for it to count! Also, if you’re planning to do it on Monday, you can only do so during Open Gym time and you must line up a judge.
Don’t forget the theme for week 2: Dress up like your favorite video game system! Be a controller, console, power plug – get creative folks!
Also, you owe it to yourselves to check and (and share share share!) the photo album from Saturday’s festivities – once again, Rob Rivera captured some incredible shots! Click here to go right to it and please tag yourselves.



“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”
–Drew Houston



Raise your hand if you crave chocolate!!!! Did you know that can be your body actually craving magnesium? Chocolate is very high in magnesium and dark chocolate has lots of iron. So chocolate is healthy…. Well, kind of. Definitely keep it is a quick treat. Skip the milk chocolate though.





Crossover Symmetry

“Karen meets Annie…”


Abmat Sit-ups
Wall ball Shots (20/14)



Quad and Calf Smash

people working out in a group fitness class


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