How to Squat

When people get started at CrossFit For Glory, they pass through our Foundations program. On Day 1, we teach them how to squat. First. Before anything else.
It’s that important.
The squat is the first movement that you learn to do as a baby. Before you walk, before you run, you squat. It just comes naturally. And the squats you do at that age are absolutely perfect!
It’s also the exercise that will keep you out of ‘the home.’ Come on, you know which ‘home’ I’m talking about! The ability to sit and stand (aka ‘squat’) under your own power will allow independence when you’re old. It’s the best thing you can do for total-body bone density. It’s the most effective exercise for beating diabetes, or just picking up a grocery bag. It can fix your back, your butt and your attitude.
Unfortunately it is something that we unlearn as we spend more and more time in the sitting position – behind desks, in cars, plane seats, couches…well, you get the drift. Squatting might not cure world hunger, but in developing countries without couches, people squat for hours every day.
But fear not, we’re here to get you squatting again…and correctly!
Here’s how to do it:
1) Start with your feet shoulder width apart
2) Maintaining a flat back, shift your hips back and down, like you’re sitting in a chair
3) Keep the weight in your heels, not your toes
4) Keep your chest tall to keep your back flat
5) Your knees should be inline with your toes the entire time
6) Once your hips have gone lower than your knees, stand back up

Watch the step-by-step video demo here:

people working out in a group fitness class


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