A Newfound Passion to be Healthy and Fit – Rob's Story!

I was looking for change in my life, was tired of signing up for 1yr contracts with other gym type places and not getting anywhere. Those places you go, and lose interest after a month or so. There were others in the family that were into CrossFit, and my neighbor at the time said I should give it a shot. He’d go the days I would so I could get familiar with it. Went to my first intro class, I was already hooked.
At first glance, you walk into CFG and you see people doing things you would never in your dreams think you can accomplish. You do your research beforehand and get some understanding of what it is, and when you walk in and see it done you are like ‘yeah that’s not happening.’ And for me that that was thought to be fact weighing in at 305lbs. Today is a totally different story. Today you don’t think ‘it’s not happening’; it’s more I’m giving myself this amount of time to get it done! The coaches help build that confidence.
Aside from the weight loss which anyone will welcome, it’s my new passion to be healthy and fit. Yeah I’m still working on it, but it has become part of my life. Not just something I do for a few weeks to shed some weight, and then go back to my normal routine.
My next goal is to get into the 260’s lbs range, and have a sub 10 minute mile.
Favorite CFG memory? There are way too many to choose from. But if I had to pick one specific to me, I think it would have to be during the open this year. I was injured was able to watch everyone take part. Then finally one wod offered the opportunity for me to make my first entry. The support from the people at the box who cheered me on while I was pushing through was amazing. What’s not to love about that memory?
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