A little birdie told me this lovely lady will be in at CFG soon!!
A little birdie told me this lovely lady will be in at CFG soon!!

A. Warm-Up:
Coaches Choice
What feels tight that will hinder your squat performance? If nothing, I recommend jumping on the reverse hyper for a couple sets of 15 reps.
Time to go big or go home! You will have the entirety of class to work up to a 1RM back squat. For those unfamiliar with our 1RM protocol, here is is:
**Be smart about how you approach this. The goal is to hit a 1-rep max, so have an idea of what you want to hit before you start.**
That doesn’t mean it has to be 600 pounds above your last one. Fractional plates can make the difference between a make and a miss. Speaking of misses, if you do miss an attempt, drop the weight down and after waiting 3-5 minutes, try again.
Start below 50% of your current 1RM, performing sets of 5-7 reps for the first three sets. Drop down to 3-5 reps once you approach 80%, then do singles or doubles up to 90%.
Rest during your lighter, warm-up sets should be 60 seconds or less. During the heavier sets (85%+), you should be resting at least 2-3 minutes. There is a reason that you have at least FOURTY minutes to establish this maximum – use it!
Before you attempt your projected 1RM, you will perform a walk-out. This means you will add 10% above your projected 1RM, walk out of the rack with the bar on your back, stand there with an absolute tight mid-line for 5-7 seconds, then walk back in. DO NOT attempt to squat it. After resting for about 3-4 minutes, attempt your 1RM. Don’t forget to remove the extra 10%!!**
Lastly, let’s talk range of motion – if you can meet the requirements outlined in this post in performing an air squat, then you are expected to do so in performing the 1 rep max today. ALL coaches have been instructed to NO-REP you if you do not pass below parallel when you are able to do so. “Close Enough” does NOT equal a successful rep. When in doubt, video your attempt and send it to me. Like another athlete of mine does – That’s a 200kg front squat folks…440lb…ATG!
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Row 500m easy

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