More Top Moments from the 2016 CrossFit Games

If you didn’t read my first post, go here and do that now. Now that you’re back from that, here are a few more of my favorite moments from the CrossFit Games:
7. A Return to The Ranch:

The CrossFit Games were started in Dave Castro’s backyard, literally. I can recall watching the documentary about the 2008 Games, “Every Second Counts,” on a small TV of the first CrossFit gym I ever went to. It was as addicting then as it is now. But I distinctly remember the gritty nature not just of that video, but of all the dust being kicked up by the competitors as they did these crazy workouts at a place known only as ‘The Ranch.’ When Castro announced that they’d be taking a plane ride, I was beside myself when I learned that they had landed and driven to the Ranch. So much history, its only fitting that the 10th edition of the Games took it back to the place where it all began. And to top it off, they did two mirrored events, albeit much more difficult (of course), from 2009 – a 7k trail run and a deadlift ladder. Well played Dave, well played.


Sam Dancer clearing the deadlift 615lb!
Sam Dancer clearing the deadlift ladder…at 615lb!

Click here for video of all the events held at the Ranch!
6. Froning’s EPIC Chalk Throw:

Its possible that I am the only dork in the entire world that noticed this as it happened live, but during the Team Triple Double Event, Rich’s team CrossFit Mayhem was WAAYY out in front. With them closing in on an event finish, James Hobart dropped the barbell in an overhead squat and made the universal hand sign that he needed chalk. Without missing a beat, Rich, who was about 30 yards away, saw this, bent down and grabbed a piece of chalk from the bucket and fired a perfect strike into Hobart’s waiting arms. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was scripted. Froning, although no taller than 5’8″, is still the man. Go to 1:57 in the video below:

5. Josh Bridges Completes the Squat Clean Ladder:

The (squat) clean ladder at the Games this year started at 245lb x 10 reps (for the guys) and then as the weight went up, the reps went down. It finished at 325lb x 2 reps. Josh Bridges is “listed” at 173lb. After missing his first attempt with the bar sliding down off his shoulders, he nailed his final rep with a second try. Watch how the bar starts to slide off of him again and then he somehow manages to manhandle it back onto his shoulder, tosses it UP off of them, and then finally settles and shows control for the rep to be counted. I can’t wait for full video of his lift to come out. It was unreal. Did I mention it was 325 and he listed as 173??


people working out in a group fitness class


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