Feats of Strength…1/22/14

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That’s a lot of barbells!

Lately, there has been some unbelievable things happening at the box. If you guys keep up with us on our FB page then you’ve no doubt seen me post a few videos recently that highlight some pretty strong people at our box. We’ve also showcased some of our athletes at competitions, or getting their first muscle-up, or pull-ups, or anything along these lines.
You know what all these things have in common?
Not necessarily on the part of the athlete (though it is NO DOUBT present), but more specifically pride from your coaches. It brings such a huge smile to my face and genuine joy to my heart to see you guys succeed at something that you’ve worked so hard for.
And you know what? I am just as proud when someone uses the “big bar” for the first time in a squat workout as I am for someone squatting 300lb for the first time. Watching someone do a WOD with purple band assisted pull-ups instead of blue or green is just as cool as someone RX’ing pull-ups for the first time too. Or moving from the rings to the pull-up bar.
Progress guys, it’s what makes me smile.
There has been a ton of it lately and I could not be more stoked for what the next class brings out of you!


A. Skill:

1) 4×10 Pendlay Rows, heavier than last week (Demo Video)

2) 4×10 Good Mornings, heavier than last week


Band Pull Aparts


“Death By Burpee”

*Note: While this one sounds terrifying, it really is a great test of your ability to pace yourself on burpees. If you want them to suck less (even a little bit), then I highly recommend you come and do this one. Still not convinced? How about this – there is built in rest every single minute!

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