Impressed! 1/23/14

So I cannot believe how many people we had come to the box yesterday to do burpees. I say it’s one of two reasons:
1) They didn’t read the WOD the night before
2) They read it and decided to come anyway
While there is no doubt in my mind that plenty of people avoided it because they read it, I’m glad that the number of “cherry pickers” is starting to dwindle.

Keep punishing those weaknesses, thats the only way you can make them into strengths!

A. Skill:

12min to Heavy 3-Position Snatch (hi-hang, hang, low-hang)


12min to Heavy 3-Position Power Snatch + 1 OHS after each snatch


If you are forced into doing the power snatch because of poor overhead mobility, then spend time improving your area of restriction

If you do the full snatch version above, then work on ankle mobility


For Time –

Run 1 Lap

15 Box Jumps

Run 2 Laps

12 Box Jumps

Run 3 Laps

9 Box Jumps

Run 4 Laps

6 Box Jumps

Run 5 Laps

3 Box Jumps

*Note: There is a time cap.

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people working out in a group fitness class


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