At the CrossFit Games

On Monday, Marc Z, Alex D, and myself met up at 4:30am to catch our flights out to California. Considering its 10:30pm (EST) when I’m penning this, we’ve all been up and at it for roughly 17 hours considering we woke up at 3:30am.
And I wouldn’t change it for the world.
To say that this has been an incredible trip already would be a massive understatement.
Here is a list of firsts thus far for me:

  • Traveled to California
  • Saw Austin Malleolo at LAX Airport
  • “Took an Uber”
  • Ate at In-N-Out (Marc’s idea Natalie, don’t scold me!)
  • Got my coach credential…er…bracelet
  • Met up with Games athlete Jay Bradley – was immediately jealous of the unreal amount of Reebok swag he was given…including five, yes FIVE, pairs of shoes he received!
  • Saw a BUNCH of Games athletes in the check-in tent, including Noah Ohlsen getting his haircut
  • Saw Greg Glassman, creator of CrossFit
  • Walked down through the underbelly of the soccer stadium and entered like the athletes do!
  • Listened to Dave Castro open up the athlete briefing
  • Saw Annie Sakamoto
  • Sat in front of Rob Orlando

I think the thing that stands out most for me is the overwhelming sense of family that these people have with one another. Its like this is one big family reunion for them. I was texting Mandy updates like a 4-year old in a candy store and its not even officially Day 1 of competition…thats tomorrow. More updates then!
For now, enjoy some fun and candid shots!

View of the airport from our room! When the smog clears, you can see the mountains too!

Right after this shot, the pilot literally turned the plane towards these mountains! Freaked me out!!

Yes folks, 1st Gen iPod Touch to keep me company on a 5 hour plane ride west!

Nice photo bomb sleepy dude! We hadn’t even left the gate yet!

Foggy windows

NOBULL bag ready for another journey!

Coach credential time!

Coming onto the field!
Coming onto the field!

Zeus! Man, this thing is MASSIVE!
Zeus! Man, this thing is MASSIVE!

Rob Orlando
Rob Orlando!

Annie Sakamoto!
Annie Sakamoto!

people working out in a group fitness class


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