What Was Your Moment?

If you haven’t yet noticed, there are a LOT of new faces at CrossFit For Glory.
A few nights ago, I was finishing up a private lesson and glanced outside as Coach Margaret was taking a few new ladies through one of their first Foundations classes with us.
At times, they looked confused, even awkward. We’ve all been there…we can relate – yes, even me!
But just before I looked away, I saw it.
That moment when something clicked.
I knew it because there was an unmistakable wash of excitement that rushed quickly across her face. In her mind, she probably said something like:

“Wow…maybe I can do this stuff!”

Thus, the voyage begins.
As time goes on, each persons journey into CrossFit takes on a deeper meaning.
If you’ve been with us for long enough, you’re starting to probably get ‘it.’ I know many of you get it fully…we’ve even talked about it.
Unfortunately, its nothing that any of us can really eloquently tell you about. But we know its there.
No, its not the new PR’s – although they are great.
So are the new skills and relationships that are forged.
The deeper meaning even goes beyond all of the improved health markers – you know, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, coming off of meds, weight loss, improved sports performance, etc. These things are of monumental value when it comes to increasing someones quality of life. Things that are happening, in our gym, every single day.
Read that last bit again – every.single.day.
Proactive health and wellness. Its a beautiful thing.
All of that though…thats just the surface stuff.
There is so much more.
But it begins with a moment. We’ve all had that moment she just had…where you realized that you could do something great.
When it comes down to it, we all really started from the same darn spot. It might not seem that way when you look at things from a purely “how much fitness can you do” standpoint. But remember, ‘it’ is so much more.
Look back on that moment. Relive it. Recapture it for yourself and let the excitement wash over your face.
The first moment that lady had the other night is a fresh beginning – her first glimpse into a life she’s beginning anew.
She can do this stuff.
Some refer to CrossFit as a Church. Greg Glassman (the creator of CrossFit) even gave a fascinating talk at Harvard about this very notion.

Who knows…maybe it is.

But I’m cool with that.


Your Fearless Leader...pun intended?
Your Fearless Leader…pun intended?

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