Ok gang, its Thanksgiving week and we’ve got a couple of announcements to get out for you:

  1. First, the schedule for this week:
    • Monday – normal
    • Tuesday – normal
    • Wednesday – 5:30 and 9am ONLY
    • Thursday – for the first time in CFG history, we will be having a Turkey WOD! Come out to 9am (only class!) and have a blast!
    • Friday – 5pm & 7pm ONLY
    • Saturday – normal
  2. Holiday Toy Drive – want burpee immunity? Bring in a toy! Read more deets here: Toy Drive
  3. CFG 5-Year Anniversary Party – Saturday, December 10th from 10a-1p – Food and Bounce Houses…even for the adults. Please RSVP here!

I See You...
I See You…

Today, we will be performing an assessment of where you’re at with regards to single leg squatting…aka ‘pistols.’ We’ll have a nifty little check list for each of you as well!
A. Skill:
Pistol Prep Assessment
1) Jump on one foot
2) Lunge step back
3) Lunge step back pointed toe
4) Lunge step back pointed toe, knee only
5) Body weight BS
6) Good mobility/ depth
Pistol Progression: SL step up/down
Find/ create a box height where crease of the hip is below the knee with foot flat on top of box
3 x 5 reps each side
Weighted hold at ACTIVE bottom of squat
Health –
10 min AMRAP
10 Lateral step ups (24/20)
(5 each leg)
20 Double Unders
Scale: 2x SU
Fitness –

10 min AMRAP
10 Pistols (alternating)
20 Double Unders

D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Foam Roll Quads

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