Wait and Watch

It seems like just yesterday a handful of us were in Madison for the 2018 CrossFit Games.


I’m sure this will put a massive smile on Andrew’s face – we actually watched most of the marathon row, save for a mid-marathon break to grab a quick bite. And you know what? It was actually incredibly entertaining to sit there and watch these amazing athletes sit in the saddle for 2-1/2 – 4 hours.


Want to know what stood out most to me?


After 2 hours and 57 minutes, Noah Ohlsen finished his row. After signing his judging card, he took a couple of quick high 5’s from his competitors who finished ahead of him (23 of them to be exact), then ran to the crowd to thank them for their support.


But that isn’t what stayed with me.


What did is the fact that he stayed out there, on the floor, and cheered on every single competitor that was still there. Nearly 67 of them. Many others cheered for a bit, then picked up their stuff and hustled backstage to begin their recovery. Understandable, sure. It was the CrossFit Games, and that was just day 1. They wanted to get a jump start on their recovery to be sure they held up over the next several days of grueling competition.


The Spirit of CrossFit is a powerful thing; its tough to put into words, but you know it when you see it. Like this moment at the Games did for me, these moments typically send a tingle up and down your spine – you don’t only see it, you feel it.


But its not reserved just for Games athletes.


It happens frequently at CrossFit For Glory too. Its why the Open is such an incredible experience. Just this past weekend, I was one of the last few still working on the workout. When it came time for my last clean, I heard everyone yelling words of encouragement to me. I could feel their energy. They willed me to rest less and make the lift.


That moment helped more than you know.


Next time you finish your workout ahead of others, don’t just start putting your stuff away and check out. Take the time to stay in the moment with whomever is still working. You might not realize it, but it matters.


Let’s keep the Spirit of CrossFit alive and thriving at CFG.
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