Weekly Announcements:

  1. Summer Yoga with Chantel – read more here!
  2. Gauntlet For Glory, our first ever in-house partner competition, is slated for August. Read more here!
  3. Beginning Monday, August 6th we will have two class updates: the 9am morning class will be moved to start at 9:30am. We will also be removing our 7pm class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.



“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
–Tony Robbins



Frozen veggies are convenient. – While fresh vegetables are always preferred, frozen organic vegetables are always handy to keep stocked up on. They can be used when you run out of the fresh stuff and don’t feel like running up to the store. COSTCO has a great selection of organic frozen veggies.





T-Spine & Shoulder Activation


B. Weightlifting:
Strict Press – Work up to a Heavy Triple, then:

3×3 @ your Heavy 3
*You will warm up to a Heavy Triple Strict Press. After that first set at the Heavy Triple, you will complete two more sets.
*Rest adequately between sets.


C. Metcon:

For Time:
100 Burpees

*If you were here for last week’s Burpee Capacity Test, use this data to pace today’s workout.
*12min Time Cap


Post WOD Recovery:

Lacrosse Ball + Pec – 2min each side

people working out in a group fitness class


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