***Couple Reminders/Announcements***
This Saturday, we will be doing our annual “Memorial Day Murph” workout. We will be kicking it off at 8am.
We will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th.
We purposely have not programmed anything specific on the rig this week, because we do not want people to rip their hands before Saturday!
In case you didn’t see the post on our members page – We were busy little bees at CFG today all Sunday – when you walk into the box for your next workout, you’ll be met with a whole new look, we hope you LOVE it! Couple things to know:
1. We reorganized the cubbies, so if you don’t find your stuff right away, check around in some others. All we ask is that you keep them neat and tidy like we have here.
2. There is a “lost and found” bin and milk crate right near the front doors. Please look it over – we will be tossing out anything not claimed by end of the month.
3. Yes, we are now proudly carrying Kill Cliff! And its in a sweet new mini-fridge. Cost is $3 per can.
4. For the new retail area, there is a pricing sheet of everything on the side of one of the shelving units. To make a purchase, just fill out the sheet on the clipboard and let the coach on staff know. Its self-explanatory: name, date, purchase, quantity, and how you wish to be billed (cash or WODIFY account)
5. The jerk blocks have been repaired and are fully operational again – WOOHOO!
6. LAX balls are in a milk crate underneath an end table by couch. Same thing for mini bands.
7. Please do not put food or drink on or near the computer/stereo stuff.

Crossover Activation Victory, 8 reps (2 sec hold at end range)
Crossover Activation Scaption, 8 reps (2 sec hold at end range)
*Calf Stretch
For Time:
100 KB Swings (53/35)
*Every time there is a stop in momentum, or you set it down, 1 lap
C. Skill:
15 min to work on body weight skills (HSPU, Pull Ups, T2B, MU), try out the atlas stones (make sure to use the mats), or Olympic lifts (no maxing out, light technique work)
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Crossover Recovery Victory, 10 reps (6 sec negative)
Crossover Recovery Scaption, 8 reps, 6 sec negative
*Foam roll calves/ glutes

people working out in a group fitness class


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