Success Breeds Motivation

Below are a few YouTube videos. Click on one…or all three, they’re short:

Now, tell me you’re not ready to run out and rip the head off a lion while running through a brick wall that is on fire!
In all seriousness, videos like the above, that get you all geeked up and ready to go out and take on the world, are a dime a dozen.
The best part? They work.
There is no shortage of motivational videos on YouTube. And after watching these, some people will go out and do something…achieve some success.
But what happens when that one special video isn’t available. Or when they just don’t work any longer?
Over the past several years, I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon with regards to my business, my coaching, and my life in general:
Success Breeds Motivation
When I have one good meal, I want to follow it up with another.
When I make it to a fitness class on Monday, I want to be sure and make it on Tuesday.
When my athletes and clients report back positive results, I seek out ways to improve my coaching even further to help them even more going forward.
My success provides me the greatest motivation – a kind that is lasting.
Because let’s be honest – who is the last person you truly want to let down? Yourself.
So next time you’re struggling with [insert normal life struggle here], look down at your feet and take one step forward.
Just one.
Then follow it up with another the next day.
And another…and another…and so on.
Do that for a week…a month…or even a year. Then take a look back and see how far you’ve come.
Then try telling me you don’t want to continue marching onward.
Success is a positive feedback loop unto itself.
Let your own success become your motivation.
So, when will you take that first step forward?
I say today.
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