The Week That Was…3/18-3/23

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– “I hate burpees. I hate box jumps. I HATE burpee box jumps!” – James
– Mark James proved that even with a bad wing (arm for those not cool enough to know what ‘wing’ means), you can still come in and get work done! 1-arm KB clusters proved to be plenty
– After Tuesday, everyone now realizes that our double under proficiency is lacking overall…
– So a mini-clinic happened on Wednesday. Lo and behold, many people improved!
– New recruit Tanya was hoodwinked by her boss Justin into “meeting him here” for her intro session…
– Well, he never showed but she did and loved it enough to decide to come back!
– Hollow Holds proved popular, so we’ll see those more and more!
– Walking lunges = smoked quads
– Was very impressed with everyone’s form – upright posture, front foot flat!
– Dana had worn Olympic Lifting shoes on Tuesday and Wednesday, so when I programmed Thursday I knew at least she’d be prepared, shoe-wise at least!
– Then she walked in Thursday morning in her Nike Free shoes…couldn’t find the other ones I guess!
– Heather was given a birthday gift by the PR Gods on her Snatch and Clean & Jerk…hopefully we can all be so blessed!
– Jenny and Tabrez kicked off 13.3 with a bang, and just like that we were off and (not) running
– Before Chuck did the WOD on Thursday evening, he set up a set of rings and got his 1st muscle up! Then, he got his 2nd and 3rd soon after!!
– He was also the first person to break into the double unders for 13.3
– Now that I’ve been scaling Shannon back a bit on her weights, James smiles more cause it makes him look even stronger…
– Shannon does not like me when I do that.
– Aviree is back…
– Which means we need more Florida fans to drown out the Bama fans
– Thank goodness for Justin and Monique
– At least there aren’t more ohio state fans around! S-E-C! S-E-C!
– Gretchen, Sarah, and Jessica closed out the opening round of 13.3 on Thursday night
– When she learned that I’d be judging her, I think I saw Jessica’s stomach sink a bit, haha
– Saturday was another great day. We had TWO more people get their first muscle ups while setting up for the WOD. If you’re keeping count, that’s THREE people in one week getting their FIRST MUSCLE UP!
– It was nearly four…Zack is so close he can taste it
– Same old story, Heather and Jay took first place.
– Again.
– But Old Man Jay better watch out, I was just two reps behind him this time around!
– All said and done, we had NINE people complete all their wall balls and make it into the round of double unders!
– Relay for Life was immediately after we got done with 13.3, and it was a hot one! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported such a great cause. We had a blast showcasing Ultimate Med-Ball and raising money for the fight against cancer!!
– Quote of the week comes from Jenny and Tabrez after they kicked off 13.3 last Thursday. Without knowing that each other said it, there reaction from that WOD was the same: “It’s like I can taste blood in my lungs when I’m breathing. My chest is on fire!”
A. Skill:
Snatch –
2 reps EMOM f/ 5 minutes @ 80% 1RM
Super Couch Stretch w/ Band
1 min ME HRPU
– then – (NO REST)
4min AMRAP
15 OHS (65/45)
15 Pull-Ups
30 Double Unders
-then- (NO REST)
1 min ME HRPU
– then – (NO REST)
4min AMRAP
15 OHS (65/45)
15 Pull-Ups
30 Double Unders
-then- (NO REST)
1 min ME HRPU

*Notes: This is one continuous 11-minute effort. The clock does NOT stop between movements. Your score will be the total reps of HRPU completed + your total number of rounds during the 4min AMRAP’s.

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