The Week that Was…2/25-3/2

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It has been brought to my attention that over the past week or two, I’ve missed out on posting some vitally important things to these “Week that Was” posts. Let’s just chalk it up to my pea brain only being able to handle so much awesomeness that goes on in here on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I will take time to right the wrongs. If I forget yet another thing, don’t fret, just let me know what it is and I’ll add it in as well! Without further ado:
– A couple weeks ago, Sarah Rowley, our resident 16 year old stud softball player, knocked out three kipping pull-ups in a row. Not a few days later, she knocked out FIVE in a row. Add this to her new found double under technique and I think it’s safe to say someone is ready for the Open!
– During that same week, I think, I failed to give credit to Phillip for quote of the week. So, here it goes:
Phillip: Hey, Josh.
Cheap Josh: Whats up?
Phillip: How much are these foam rollers?
Cheap Josh: They’re not too expensive, maybe 25 or 30 dollars. Why?
Phillip: Ok, just curious why you only have 3 of them. I guess that explains it.
This was hilarious at the time for a few reasons: 1) there were about 12 people trying to get work done on only 3 foam rollers. 2) I completely lost my train of thought after being outed as a cheap-skate. 3) I tried explaining that at the time when I bought them I wanted to spend money on more important things, but I was only digging myself a deeper hole.
– You married folk can appreciate that last point…
– Love You Mandy!
– The week kicked off with a birthday bash Mark James style with the Filthy Fifty! Everybody agreed that this should be the standard birthday workout for gym members!
– Just kidding…
– Zack tried talking me into doing the Filthy 50 at 7 when it appeared that nobody else would show…and then my two saviors, Shannon and Ashley, walked in to save me!
– In case you haven’t seen the board, Shannon is still kicking butt and crushing WODs while carrying an extra little one! So proud of her
– Her hubby, James, better continue to step it up because we’re really having to hold her back from going harder – who could have guessed that?!
– Odd observation of the week: On Tuesday’s WOD, the wall balls got markedly better for everyone after they did power cleans…hmm, maybe there IS something to all this “use your hips” nonsense your coaches keep hollering about????
– Now that Eric Crouch lives three seconds down the road, we’ve seen him trickle in more often
– If only we could come up with a FishHawk Starling shuttle bus…
– Or just a general FH shuttle bus for CrossFit For Glory!
– Hmm…now you’ve got me thinking!
– Newcomer Dana was the first woman to ever openly admit that she’s competitive…I said “you’ll fit right in!”
– Ring push-ups…gotta love em
– We had quite a few ladies get unassisted PISTOLS on Thursday…this is a HUGE deal! SO AWESOME!
– Except now you can’t scale them in a WOD…haha
– Friday’s back squat day seems to be pretty popular…shall we make it a regular routine?!
– Not to be outdone by “Little Ms. Sarah,” as Erika so affectionately calls her, Erika went ahead and knocked out her FIRST PULL-UP after Friday’s WOD. If you’re wondering why I didn’t post the video, it’s because I didn’t know she was attempting it until about three people started shouting as she got her chin over the bar. She hung there long enough for me to turn around and see that she made it.
– Let’s video the next one, yea?
– Not only did Phillip have the quote of the week seen above, but he also snagged last week’s: As Phillip, Zack, and I were walking out on Friday night, all the lights were off and it was pitch black. Phillip was behind Zack and I and just as I reach the door and turn on the light, we hear a **Crash**…when the lights come on, we hear Phillip say: “Dang, I was sure I just ran into Zack, but it was the wall!”

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