Proud of the Her Progress, Amy Stoddart Knew She Needed to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle!

I am not your typical CrossFit member. I never have an “all in” attitude about anything! I don’t have aspirations of being top of the leader board. I started CrossFit in February 2015 because I wanted a good workout that was different from what I have done in the past. I’ve had gym memberships and tried just using a treadmill or an elliptical but it was monotonous. I would go through periods where I would get lazy and quit. My father and his parents passed away in their 60’s of heart attacks and my mother’s family is riddled with cancer. I knew that I needed to start exercising and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Longevity is probably not in the cards for me but I want to be capable of making the most of it!
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My first impression…….. coming into a Saturday morning beginners class and watching the tail end of the weight lifting class. I probably stood there with my mouth  wide open staring. The bars looked like they had a ton of weight on them, both men and women alike. I looked at my husband and said “ I don’t think I can do this.” But I stayed for the 9 am class and scaled everything! My impression has changed because now I can do “some” of it, and what I can’t, I am never afraid to scale and then scale some more 😜

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I can’t say that I am most proud of any one thing. I am proud of the progress I’ve had and the relationships I’ve made at CFG.
So I don’t really ever set goals for WODs or new skills but I am always working to get better little by little. I am really just working towards getting better at whatever is programmed for the day. Like I said before, I don’t have the mindset of a typical CrossFit athlete.
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I would have to say that my favorite memory was the day I walked in and Josh had my unedited playlist going and announced that there would no longer be any deadlifts!  Haha, I wish! No really, I don’t have a specific favorite memory of any one thing, it’s just about the relationships I’ve made and being able to spend and hour each day with everyone.
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