New Class Times…and Open Gym Details! 4/17/14

Ok gang, we’re going to start implementing some of the improvements to our class offerings starting on Monday April 21st. Over the coming weeks we will roll out more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you all at one time! Here are the first two:
1) There will be NO MORE 10am classes on Monday and Friday. Those will be moved up an hour to 9am. This seems to be a much more convenient time for all of you that attend that class. Now, we will have a 9am class M-F!!
2) Born out of necessity (and already happening informally), we will finally formalize an “Open Gym” style class for those of you who want to come in and work out in between our normal classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. Open gym will be available on those days from 6pm-7pm. The cost for this option will only be an additional $20 each month. There will be in-depth rules posted later this week, but here are some highlights:

– There will be NO COACHING going on at this class

– If you’re seen doing something sketchy, you will be asked to stop

– One rep maxes will not be allowed

– Three strikes and you’re out

– No bringing friends along, this is for you current members only

So, what is the goal with our Open Gym option? Honestly, its a time for you all to come in and work on the skills and drills that will make you better CrossFitters. Or perhaps to make-up a WOD that you missed in the past. If all goes well, we will offer this option at different times throughout the day as well.
That’s it for now. Stay tuned for further updates in the future. Now…the real reason you came to this page:


The theme of the day is “bar whip” or “oscillation.” Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A-Z is notated by the lovely Lydia Valentin –

I will go over this IN DEPTH at the box…hope to see you there!

A. Weightlifting:

12min to heaviest single Split Jerk Complex – 2 Jerk Drives + 1 Split Jerk



LAX Ball + Glutes = Yay!



5 RFT –

10 Push Press @ 70% of above

15 Ring Push Ups

20 Split Jumps (ea leg)

people working out in a group fitness class


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