Lester is Grateful for A Healthier Lifestyle, Working Together and Sharing Experiences!

1. What brought you to CFG? How long have you been a member?

I had noticed the CrossFit box when it was off of Lithia Pinecrest.  I had already been looking into CrossFit and was interested in joining a box but had not made the decision yet.  I always passed the location while doing my bike rides but never got a chance to stop.  I believe it was summer of 2014 when I was doing a bike ride and noticed the grand opening at the current location.  I stopped at the box during a bike ride during the grand opening and was welcomed by Josh and Mandy.  I got all of the membership information and a month later, the girls (twin daughters Elyssa and Alexis) joined the box.  The girls instantly fell in love with CrossFit and shortly after, I joined as well.
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2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?
I had a good impression as I was welcomed during the grand opening by Josh and Mandy, they were very supportive and passionate about what they were doing.  I was very fortunate to have Josh take me through foundations and I immediately noticed the passion Josh had for coaching.  Throughout the years of learning more and more from Josh about physical training,  your outlook changes and you have different goals.  I have always been interested in training, sports, and coaching.  After being exposed to CrossFit for so long, I am constantly trying to research additional movements, strategies, workouts to become a better athlete.  I have learned that you have to practice and keep going to get better.


3. What are you most proud of?
I am proud of everything that I have accomplished in CrossFit and having a healthier lifestyle.  Although I may not be proficient in all aspects of CrossFit, I have improved immensely.  The good part about it all is that there’s always room for more improvement.  After all my time doing CrossFit, it’s always changing and every day is different.  I think  that’s what draws me to CrossFit and keeps me coming back.  It’s not the same thing all the time over and over again.
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4. What are you working towards now?
I would like to continue to improve in all aspects of CrossFit.  Even though work sometimes gets in the way (more often that not) I am working on increasing my training and workouts.  I would like to try to get more workouts in during the week and maybe get some additional training in outside the normal classes.
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5. What’s your favorite CFG memory?
 Although there are many good memories about CrossFit events, classes, parties, etc…  the best memories are the people you meet and the bonds you make.  There have been many people throughout the years that I have met through CrossFit that have made my CrossFit experience better.  I enjoy the group training sessions all working together and sharing experiences.  The worst part is when someone you enjoy working out with and bond with, has to leave the box.  You develop such a good relationship that they become a part of you.   You work out together, face challenges together, and share many PR’s so it makes it tough when one leaves.  The good part is that you will always have those memories and there will be many more.
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