Kristen Cockman…CrossFit Through Entire Pregnancy!

unnamed 11) What brought you to CFG?
It’s not so much a “what” but a “who”- my husband, Jason. He’s been a fan of CF since the early 2000s and has been wanting me to try CF for years.
How long have you been a member?
After promising Jason I’d try CFG for a month, I’ve been a member since early 2015.
2) What was your first impression?
I think my first impression was something like, “there is no way I can do that!”
3) How has that changed?
Anybody can do CF. It’s about developing your individual fitness where, if needed, scaled options are available for various levels of ability.
4) What are you most proud of?
Impressing Jason, because he didn’t think I’d stick with it. Initially, Jason wanted me to try CF for a month; I’ve now been a CFG member for two years.
unnamed 35) What have you achieved?
I’ve finally achieved the feeling where I want to go workout because I enjoy it. Oh, and several continuous reps of Toes2Bar and DoubleUnders! J
6) You recently had a baby and continued to do CrossFit throughout your pregnancy – how was that experience?
From Oct 2015 through July 2016 I was pregnant with my second child at age 44/45. Even though I’m no Spring chicken, I continued to do CF throughout my entire pregnancy, including the 2016 CF Games Open and up to the day I went into labor! When I was no longer able to do certain movements like pull-ups, sit-ups, box jumps, and burpees, the coaches would recommend scaled versions like ring-rows, knee-ups, box step-ups, and wall push-up/air squat combos, etc. As I mentioned above, there are always scaled options. As far as weightlifting, most doctors advise expectant mothers to continue with physical activity but to limit the amount of weight lifted to 25lbs or less. While it’s always prudent to err on the side of caution, I chose to listen to/rely on my body’s strengths/weaknesses and continued to lift weights greater than 25lbs based on what I felt my body could handle. Ultimately, I feel I was able to recover faster from this pregnancy than my first. I definitely credit CF for being in better physical and, shall I say, mental shape this time around! (What is good for the body is good for the mind.)
7) What’s your next goal to hit?
The 2018 CF Games Open of course!
8) What’s your favorite CFG memory?
I would say hitting weightlifting PRs while pregnant.
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