Keep Perspective

Recently, I was going through a bunch of files of our members and came across the initial notes that I take down on people. I won’t bore you with the details of what they say other than this part – in every instance, the most important part of my first conversation with someone is their answer to the question:

“How can we help?” 

And in the case of, well, everyone (with 2 exceptions), the answers were among the following:
  • Lose weight
  • Relieve stress
  • Be ready for life
  • Beach season
  • Play with my kids and grandkids
  • To heal injuries
  • Have fun with my workouts
  • Get stronger
  • Set an example for my kids
  • Get better at my sport
  • Be the best version of myself
(Ironically enough, all of these are spelled out on our newest CFG shirts. Which we have plenty of sizes in…in two different colors. See what I did there?)


I bring this up because nowhere on that list do you see “win the CrossFit Games” or “go to the Olympics.” (As a side note, if that is a goal of yours, lets have a chat. We’ve got some success with that too…)


Why does that matter?


Well in just a few short days, we will kick off the 2016 CrossFit Open at CFG. For some, it will be your first foray into something competitive. For those who’ve done the Open, you know what to expect. But for both groups, keep this in mind – we do this for one main reason – to have an obscene amount of F-U-N!


Its human nature to want to do well…to do our best…no forget that, let’s not beat around the bush. Its human nature, absolutely ingrained into our psyches (no matter how deep down), to be competitive.


To want to WIN. Everything.


And thats great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.




But don’t let it consume you.


Don’t let it define you.


Every year during the Open, people are introduced (or reintroduced as it may be) to a different side of themselves. You will go to bed earlier. You will eat better. You will warm-up more diligently. You will listen to, and probably take notes, your coaches discuss workout strategy. You will take time to [insert various things that your coaches preach on a daily basis but you ignore…er, “forget”].




And you will perform better for it.


But you will also become much much harder on yourselves for not living up to your own expectations. Many of you will be “no-repped” for the first time and believe me, you will NOT like it. You might get mad.


You may leave and feel defeated.


You may leave and feel like you let your Intramural Team down.




You aren’t defeated. You didn’t let anyone down.


Take a second to watch heats that come before and after you.


Stop and look around when you finish.


Listen to all the cheers for you and every other person around you.


Keep perspective.


Scroll up and look at that bulleted list above. Which one represents you?


Keep that in the front of your mind at all times. Remember WHY you are here. Remember WHY you come to CFG.


Remember WHY you do CrossFit.


Write down your “WHY” on a piece of paper and look at it before, and more importantly after, each workout.


There is also a daily lesson to take away from this message – keep perspective on the “WHY” during normal days here. Don’t be so hard on yourself to PR every single time you are in. Because in the grand scheme of things (i.e. LIFE), it doesn’t really matter if you hit a deadlift PR, a Fran PR, or beat someone else out in a WOD.




The real question, the only one that really matters:
“Are you closer to achieving your WHY?”


Our goal is to make your time at CFG the absolute best hour of your day.


Our accomplishment of that goal hinges on your perspective for yourself.


Keep perspective.


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