Intramural Leaderboard Update, Wednesday…3/8/17

Hello there CFG Intramural Open Fans, here is your weekly update of the leaderboard.
Here is how things are shaking out right now in terms of placing:

  1. Snatch in a box – 47 points
  2. Harry Squatters and Shrug Life – 44 points
  3. Goat Herding Derelicts – 28 points

If you want to check out the overall leaderboard, click here.
For Week 2, the “Spirit of the Open” award went to Team Harry Squatters!! When Lady Liberty walked in in her full get-up, I knew she’d be hard to top. But after Uncle Sam strolled in, I knew they had it in the bag. Well done Wrights!
Keep in mind that this thing is FIVE WEEKS LONG…don’t get hung up on where your team stands right now – this goes for ALL teams…you never know what other “fun” challenges #TeamHeadJudge may toss out there! Can I mention BINGO? Yea, CFG Intramural Bingo is coming…
A. Weightlifting:
Split Jerk – 15min to heavy triple from the ground
T-Spine + LAX
6 RFT –
9 Thrusters (95/65)
9 C2B

  1. 15min time cap
  2. RX+ will do muscle-ups (bar is ok)

D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Quad Smash

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