Intramural Leaderboard Update, Thursday…3/2/17

Hello there CFG Intramural Fans! Here is your weekly update of the leaderboard. My apologies for the delay, as many of you know, the official leaderboard form CFHQ has been down all week long. Anyhow, down below you’ll find a few different things:

  1. Overall score tabulation where we showcase each teams points thus far.
  2. Leaderboard link for seeing the Open standings at CFG.
  3. Note: for the “scaled” scoring, you’ll have to scroll until you see the (s) next to peoples names to see where their scoring starts. This is the only way to populate a “scaled” leaderboard from the Games website.

Here is how things are shaking out right now in terms of placing:

  1. Shrug Life – 22 points
  2. Snatch in a Box – 20 points
  3. Harry Squatters – 19 points
  4. Goat Herding Derelicts – 16 points

For Week 1, the “Spirit of the Open” award went to Team Shrug Life!! They brought that street swagger in, from the rolled up pant leg, to the flat brimmed hat, and red and blue bandanas. Harry Squatters were a close second, but I’ll be honest, the wannabe “westside” sign here by Charity pushed it over the edge for me, haha! Well done teams – lets see what you all can do this week!
Keep in mind that this thing is FIVE WEEKS LONG…dont get hung up on where your team stands right now – this goes for ALL teams…you never know what other “fun” challenges #TeamHeadJudge may toss out there!
A. Warm-Up:
Coaches Choice!
B. Skill Work:
Today we’re going to set up 4 different stations where we’ll teach you some of the finer points of performing these movements efficiently: Deadlifts, Muscle-Ups, Toes 2 Bar, and Handstand Push-Ups.
At the start of class, after warm-ups, we’ll take you through some brief instructions at each station. Then, we’ll allow you twenty minutes of practice in whichever format you want.
If you don’t want to practice a certain movement, thats ok. If you want to make up your own WOD, thats cool too!
Today is all about letting you do what you want. One caveat – NO deadlifts less than 5 reps at a time, and they must all be touch and go.

people working out in a group fitness class


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