In Deb's Words, "the time I spend at CFG is the most fun part of my day"

1. What brought you to CFG? How long have you been a member?

We moved to Fishhawk in August 2016. The move was awful. We were supposed to move right from our house in Atlanta into our new house in Fishhawk. But after our Atlanta house was completely packed up and loaded on the moving truck, we learned that the bank had made some mistakes and the closing would be delayed. We had no where to move into, but we arrived in Fishhawk late on a Saturday night and into the first of two rental houses. But the one thing we knew was that there was a CrossFit in Fishhawk, and we were there that first Monday morning at 5:30 am.
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2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

We belonged to a Crossfit in Atlanta for the last 2 years we were there, and after more than 25 years in Atlanta, one of the very hardest things to leave was our community at that Crossfit. My first impression was that CFG seemed friendly, but it also seemed foreign and I missed my friends. I thought that I could never find the same level of friendship here. Well, I was wrong, and I have made some wonderful friends at CFG (you know who you are!). I often say that the time I spend at CFG is the most fun part of my day (not sure what that says about the rest of my day ….).
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3. What are you most proud of?

I’m still excited that I finally got pullups about a year ago. I didn’t think that’d be something that I could ever achieve. But I think I’m most proud of just barely, just now, starting to get past a fear – kicking up to a handstand on the wall. I figured out several months ago that I could kick up to a headstand and then push up into a handstand, which was progress. But for some reason, kicking up with my head off the mat into a handstand paralyzes me with fear. But one day last week I did it 3 times! Baby steps….
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4. What are you working towards now?

I’m still trying to get double unders. I was getting better at them but have recently lost them again. I practice them, and I just know one day they’ll click. But I’m still waiting for that click at the moment.
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5. What’s your favorite CFG memory?

Going to the Games in Madison last year and staying in a rental house with a bunch of CFG’ers was a fun time. It was an unlikely group of folks to all be staying in one rather small house together, but it worked and it was fun!
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