On his was home from work Wednesday afternoon, Coach Mark (the one ending in ‘k’, not ‘c’) called me with a confession – he was responsible for the destruction of Tabrez’s wall poster saying “You know, I never really liked him that much and figured it was my chance to take him out!” We shared a good laugh, naturally. But beyond that, he also brought something to my attention that I hadn’t really considered – this weekend is a BIG one for CrossFit For Glory people. Back in December, I wrote a post about the vision I have for CrossFit For Glory; “It’s long been a vision of mine that CFG would be a place where people could have the opportunity to specialize in whatever it is they are passionate about – from ‘pure’ CrossFit, to weightlifting, kettle bell, speed & agility, coaching, gymnastics, cardio, etc.”
This weekend, we have folks that are competing in weightlifting, kettle bell sport, and the CRASH-B Rowing Championships! The coolest part? These folks all found their passion through CrossFit! So, let’s give a special good luck to all the folks we have representing CFG this weekend:
Saturday at our home gym in Kettle Bell Sport: Karen Raga, Veronica Dejong, Adam Wright, Joe Blazina, and Esteban Godoy
Saturday and Sunday down in Palmetto, FL in the Bars and Stripes Weightlifting Meet: Brandon Carver, Rob Rivera, and the Parra Family – Eddie, Lydia, and their daughter Eva
Sunday in Boston, MA in the CRASH-B Rowing Championships: Coach Mark James and Tim Gaydosh

To all our competitors – GOOD LUCK! We know you’ll do great!


A. Skill:

10 min HSPU practice (strict or kipping)


LAX Ball + Traps


Health –

12 min AMRAP
10 DB walking lunge steps (in place, alt) (35/20)
10 HSPU (box: 15 reps or plates on the wall: 10 reps)

Fitness –

12 min AMRAP
10 DB walking lunge steps (in place, alt) (45/25)

D. Post-WOD Recovery:

Quad Smash


people working out in a group fitness class


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