Draft is Complete…RECRUITING Season is Upon Us!! 1/29/16

Ok CFG Gang…last night (well, depending on when you read this…it was Thursday night) I met with all of the Captains of the 2016 CFG Intramural Open and we had a fun little draft party. Here is a shot of the shenanigans:
And yes, those are snacks in the middle.
If, as of 4pm Thursday afternoon, you had signed up under the CrossFit For Glory affiliate on the Games website, then you have been drafted. Each team and their respective rosters are listed below.
But here is where it gets REALLY fun – over the next 4 weeks, you are what is now known as a ‘Free Agent,’ and you will likely be recruited to join one of the five teams.
But don’t just jump onto the first team that approaches you. The real question you should ask the captain who is recruiting you is:

“How much are my services worth to you during the Open?”

There are LOTS of ways you could be swayed – snacks…burpee penalties……money…pranks…t-shirts…food…basically anything legal is fair game. Did I mention food?
Here is a brief, and definitely not exhaustive, list of available free agents. It should be known that some of these people have been snagged already.
If you DO decide to join a team, you must do TWO things to make it official:

  1. Register on the official Games website
  2. Post a video to FaceBook stating the team you will be pledging your allegiance to…or you can send it to me or your team captain.

Now, don’t forget – the Intramural Open isn’t about who can be the best…but rather points are awarded based upon completion and team spirit. If you happen to have a good week and find yourself near the top, GREAT! If not, no biggie…just be sure you help your team win the weekly team spirit award.

Recruiting season is upon us. Make sure you get what you’re worth!!!

Current Team Rosters:

Team Power Cleans and Pizza – 

Captain – Veronica
Lester G
Beth M
Crystal H
Angela L
Pam Z
Wil L
Coach Lowell

Team Wallballerz – 

Captain – Stephanie B

Allie E.
Theresa Raney
Alexis Gonzalez
Josh Stoddant
Mark G
Jeff Abuin
Mark Z
Alex D
Coach Margaret

Team Squat Mafia –

Captain – Tim Weaver
Coach Jim
Noah Engelker
Chris Bilar
Allison Brandt
Andrew Edlund
Kelsey V
Mike Wetzel
Jose Baldomero

Team Swole Train – 

Captain – Natalie M.
Erik Thors
Elyssa Gonzalez
Brandon Carver
Kirsten Clever
Marian Elie
Camille LeBlanc
Nathan Gambol
Scott Fest
Justin Scott

Team Smoked Bacon – 

Captain – Michael Grant
Todd Huffman
David Bushea
Theresa Norman
Coach Stephanie
Brian Williams
Justin Smith
David Carver


A. Warm-Up:

Coaches Choice



Something hurts…roll on it



“Death By…”

You will do 1 rep the first minute

2 Reps the 2nd minute

3 Reps the 3rd Minute

…so on until you cannot compete number of reps in that round


RX+ will do 20 DU every round for the 1st 10 rounds


D. Practice:

5 Rounds NOT For Time –

12 Wall Balls (20/14)

8 Strict Pull-Ups

people working out in a group fitness class


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