CrossFitters in the Olympics…7/31/12

I know everyone is at least slightly as obsessed with watching the Olympics as I am, right?! Well, now you have another few reasons…here is a list of known CrossFitters putting their fitness to the ultimate test:
Erin Cafaro: Gold-medal-winning US rower in 2008. Instructor for CrossFit Rowing. (New, free download from the CrossFit Journal.)
Richie Patterson: New Zealand weightlifter. Owner of Functional Strength CrossFit. CrossFit Journal article: CrossFit Games Open profile:
Anna Tunnicliffe: Gold-medal-winning US Sailor. Works out at CrossFit Gables. Video of Anna training: CrossFit Games Open profile:
Holley Mangold: US weightlifter. Trained at CrossFit Savannah.
CrossFit is known for combining elements of weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, and track and field in the program…all of which you can watch individually for the next couple weeks. So, find your comfy corner of the couch, check out this schedule, and watch these amazing athletes do their thang!
A. Skill:
Strict Press – 5×3
4 Rounds for time –
Run 300m
20 Pull-Ups
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people working out in a group fitness class


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