Box Rules…8/15/14

I think it’s time that we repost a very important bit of information in regards to staying true to who we are at CrossFit For Glory. It’s not just a good read for new members, but a great refresher for all our veterans as well.

    1. Arrive early and stay late. Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience, and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community.
    2. If you’re late, it’s a 10 burpee penalty plus 1 per minute. Go ahead and set all your clocks to the one that times your WODs.
    3. Please introduce yourself to all newcomers, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later & “hey dude, wake up” is so impersonal.
    4. Engage your brain when you walk in the door. Be aware and respectful of your surroundings. If there is teaching going on, stay quiet so people can hear and learn. If there is a WOD going on, stay out of the way and off the equipment until your class begins.
    5. Accidents and injuries happen and usually come as a result of impatience. Don’t be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help.
    6. Please check your ego at the door. It’s likely to get trounced if you don’t; no one cares how much you can lift, we only care how well you can lift it.
    7. Dropping empty barbells is 100 burpees per occurrence.
    8. While we appreciate your enthusiasm & willingness to lend a hand to fellow athletes where needed, please leave the coaching to the coaches.
    9. Chalk is useful, even necessary. It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but keep the excess inside the chalk bucket unless of course you’re okay with us coming to your home and dumping a handful of glitter on your living room floor.
    10. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout. Put it back where/how you found it. And take it easy on smashing the walls with the plyo boxes.
    11. Just don’t start your cleanup until EVERYONE has finished their WOD. Why? See #1
    12. Clean up sweat, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, hand-prints, and whatever else you’ve left behind. You’re DNA isn’t as desirable as you think.
    13. Grunting, screaming, and otherwise making noise are all welcome and encouraged during a workout. There is such a thing as gentle, quiet strength, although most of us haven’t mastered that yet. Also remember that there can be such a thing as too loud, crass, gross, or rude – please be respectful and control the f-bomb and other such outbursts. Just stay classy.
    14. Kids are certainly welcome at all times, but we do not run a babysitting service. Please be sure they are off the floor while class is going on and that they are respectful of their surroundings.
    15. Don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly.


A. Weightlifting:
15min to 1RM Clean
Hip Internal Rotation: 3 x 30s ea side
10min AMRAP –
50 Double Unders
10 Handstand Push-Ups

people working out in a group fitness class


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