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Hollow Position…Moving so fast the camera blurred!

Ok gang, over the next three weeks we will be focusing on some more “pure skill” based movements.
If you remember, there are 10 recognized general physical skills: cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, speed, strength, power, agility, coordination, flexibility, accuracy, and balance.
Improvements in endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility come about through training. Training refers to activity that improves performance through a measurable organic change in the body.
By contrast improvements in coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy come about through practice. Practice refers to activity that improves performance through changes in the nervous system.
The skills that we will be working on are pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes to bar, and double unders. These all most certainly fall into the second class as they are solely dependent on your coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. That means that we need lots of focused practice work to become more proficient at them. And fear not, we have very specific teaching progressions to suit the very beginner to the experts. When you see these movements programmed, make it a point to be here! Unless of course you just don’t want to get better at them…
A. Skill:
Pull-Up and Toes-to-Bar Practice
Tips –
– Come in with the mindset that you will be going down at least one band if you currently use one for your WODs.
– Absolute tightness and length in the body are of utmost importance before you try to make the swing more and more aggressive
– No breaking of the hips or knees
– Active shoulder to push the bar away
– The biggest takeaway should be the absolute necessity of learning and being able to transfer the hollow and arch to the pull-up bar or rings
Look at the MWOD Poster for Shoulder work…then pick something and hammer it!
7min AMRAP –
7 Burpees
7 Pull-Ups

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