Did you read the post about Open Gym 2.0 yet? You should probably check it out here!
A. Warm-Up:
-Dynamic Stretching
– 400m run
– Accumulate 5min in push-up plank position
Rhomboid and trapezius mash –
Grab a lacrosse ball and lay on the ground.  Place the ball in between your shoulder blades to one side of the spine and slowly inch up towards your traps (towards your neck) while moving your arm, thats on the same side as the ball, through its range of motion.  Move slowly as you’re trying to get deep into the tissue.  If it is too much pressure to lay flat, turn your body slightly away from the ball to ease the pressure. Accumulate 2min ea side
5 RFT –
10 DB/KB Hang Power Snatch, right arm
20 Double Unders
10 DB/KB Hang Power Snatch, left arm
Goals/Expectations – Use kettle bell and do KB snatch if there are no dumbbells. Weight is up to you, just pick something you can maintain for 100 reps. Remember to keep that tight core plank position whether you are jumping rope or snatching.

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