You ever wish that you could make burpees suck less? Then you should probably show up for todays class. I’m not gonna lie, it involves you doing a few burpees, but I promise you that what you learn from it will help you in future workouts where this vile movement is present.
So today we are doing something known as the “Burpee Capacity Test.” In a nutshell, this is an easy and efficient way to combine the science-y side of heart rate training with a movement that is known for getting the heart rate WAY up there in short order. At the end of this test, you will walk away with your own personal “burpee per minute” pace. You will also learn what specific heart rates feel like and can then use this to your advantage. For instance, if we tell you that a specific workout should elicit a very high heart rate or relatively low heart rate, you will now have something to reference.
After all of this, we will then allow you to load up some heavy weights and back squat up to a heavy triple!
A. Skill:
Burpee Capacity Test
Pigeon pose 3×30 sec each side
C. Weightlifting:
Back Squat – heavy triple
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Foam Roll Legs

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