Staff Keeps Growing!

Well hello there everyone, just wanted to bring you up to speed on the newest addition to the CFG Staff – Alex Dunn! He is our newest apprentice Coach. He recently passed his Level 1 CrossFit Certification along with the required shadowing hours at the gym. The next step, which he began this week, is to start running portions of classes. So if you’re wondering why he’s started yelling at you all to run “TWO LAPS”, that is why.
If you’ve been around long enough, especially at 9am, its no surprise that Alex is stepping into a larger role. His enthusiasm for CrossFit, and especially all YOU members at CFG, is palpable. Always eager to share a tip to help people move better, I have no doubt that he will make a great addition to our team. When someone approaches me with the desire to make a bigger impact on your lives, I’m not gonna lie – I get a little misty eyed. (Shocker, right?) Over the past several months, I’d seen a gradual shift in Alex’s approach to things at the gym so I knew this was coming. Growing our staff, in the right way, is a BIG part of the vision I shared (latest podcast anyone?) a few weeks ago, and he fits in just right – so I couldn’t be happier.
What I need from each of is two things:

  1. Join me in wishing him CONGRATULATIONS on this new role he’s taking on
  2. Challenge him with all your questions on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery…just be prepared to take notes – like me, he likes to talk A LOT!

Welcome aboard Alex, I could not be more excited for what your future holds!
If you’re looking for Thursday’s workout, click here.

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