Murph Tip #1

This Saturday we are doing Murph. There are a few different ways to tackle this thing, whether doing it scaled or RX. If you are planning to do it unpartitioned, meaning all of the pull-ups before the push-ups, then all of the push-ups before the air squats, here are my tips:

  1. Break the reps into small manageable sets. Likely much smaller than you are initially thinking. Especially the push-ups.
  2. Do not overripe the pull-up bar or rips will be guaranteed. This is not a badge of honor, its an exercise in sore, unusable hands for the next few weeks.
  3. Push-ups get everyone, don’t feel bad.
If you are planning to partition it, by far the most popular way is to do rounds of ‘Cindy’: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats. You’d cycle through that triplet 20 total times to accumulate the number of reps in the RX version.
Obviously if you are scaling, for instance a ‘half Murph’ is known affectionately as ‘Smurph’, you can apply the same principles above.
No matter what, take your time and appreciate the fact that you have the ability to do this workout.
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