More Relay for Life Details…4/2/15

Ok gang, we’re less than 3 weeks away from Relay For Life! If you haven’t had a moment to sign up for our team, please take a quick moment and do so at this link:
(When it asks for donations, just skip that part)
Here is what we are asking for though – between now and Relay Day (April 18th) go out and get sponsorships/donations from any and EVERY one that you know! This is how it works – for every dollar that you raise, you will row 100m. That is – one hundred meters.
So, encourage them to make you row more!! Every single dollar that you raise will go straight to Relay, so don’t be bashful or shy in asking. Come on, if the girl scouts can sell Thin Mints (which are delicious), you can certainly sell someone on causing you lots of immense pain by making you row a bunch!
Also, we will be having an in-house fundraiser (open to anyone that wishes to attend) on Saturday April 11th. There will be NO 9 or 10am classes that day, just the Relay fundraiser. There will be a mandatory $10 buy-in to do the WOD. What is it you ask? You gotta show up!


Partner Rowing –
Each Partner Will Complete:
10 x 250m Row
Goal: Remember the “Aerobic Capacity Test?” aka the “Burpee Capacity Test?” Well, the goal here is to keep your heart rate in that same zone…so DON’T sprint these!
1) Try to pick someone who rows about the same split times as you. This way your work:rest ratio will be about 1:1, which is what we want.
2) Each partner will row 10×250. One will work, the other will rest. Go back and forth until you’ve each done 10 rounds.
3) Record each round on a whiteboard or sheet of paper as you will record each in WODIFY.

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