In case you didn’t hear, Brandon, Lester, Elyssa, and Alexis all competed this weekend at the ‘One More Rep Fitness Competition’ and did absolutely fantastic! For all but Brandon it was their first time competing!! Congratulations to all of you – CFG could not be any more proud how how well you represented our gym.
We will be putting out some great photos of the day so be on the lookout for them as soon as our resident photog Rob is done with them. To everyone who came out to show your support – THANK YOU!!


Extra Work 5/4-5/9


A. Warm-Up:
a) Alternating Tabata Hollow and Arch on Floor:
4 Rounds of Each, 20s on, 10s off
b) Alternating Tabata Hollow and Arch on Bars:
4 Rounds of Each, 20s on, 10s off
B. Skill:
12min Pistol Practice –
Pistol Progressions:
– Band Assisted (seated)
– Counter Balance
– Off a box
– No assistance on floor
Find the appropriate progression that allows you to perform comfortably for 4 reps on each side!
Alternate Between:
A. Ankle Mobility – 2 x 40s ea side
B. Hanging Scapular Elevation and Depression – 2 x 15reps
*Arms remain straight!
For Time:
15 Pull-ups
50 Split Jumps (alternating)
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
12 Pull-ups
40 Split Jumps
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
9 Pull-ups
30 Split Jumps
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
E. Post-WOD Recovery:
Quad Smash – 2min ea side

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