Lydia Parra shares her thoughts on CrossFit For Glory – "People I want to have my family around!"

What brought you to CrossFit For Glory?
The purchase of a new family home brought us to the Fishhawk area which subsequently had us searching for a new box! It was literally the first thing we searched for before looking for doctors, schools, etc… lol. Our one year anniversary is coming up this May 2017.17522666 10210009231042264 8934760377180796664 n
 What was your first impression? How has that changed?
My first impression will probably make you laugh, but from a visual point (logo) I thought this was a legit church group affiliated box! No joke! Haha… My impression has changed because … Well, it’s not a church group! Lol At least not in the way I envisioned it. I do however get a great sense of an incredible group of really genuine people that I want to have my family around.
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What are you most proud of? What have you achieved?
I am most proud of my family! (Surprise, surprise!) I bet most people feel that way. But I truly am. I’ve been able to implement, within my own family, the importance of being a healthy person and we’ve set a precedent that exercise is second nature to us; something we do because it’s fun!
What’s your next goal to hit?
My next goal is based off of my Olympic weightlifting movements (both the snatch & clean and jerk). I not only want to PR on both of those lifts but I want to improve technically. After getting a taste of my first weightlifting meet, I want to do another meet in which I’m able to place first and be proud of my lifts!
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What’s your favorite memory at CrossFit For Glory?
My favorite CFG memory has to be this Intramural Open 2017 & being a part of all the shenanigans that go with it as Team Captain of Shrug Life! Specifically, the theme weeks! Winning Team Spirit several times – tops it too! I love having the opportunity to interact with other people that I normally would not get a chance to & watching them achieve so many firsts!
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